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5 Benefits You Get From Switching to Garbage Compactors

Most businesses generate a lot of waste material, so their waste collection needs are larger than that of the average American. When you think about commercial waste management, do you envision a dumpster? If so, you may be missing out on a valuable upgrade: COMPACTORS. Here are a few benefits that a Compactor can provide, over a standard dumpster, that will help your business.

Fewer pickups

Compactors work by reducing the unused air pockets and flexible bulk inside the trash container. The obvious benefit is that there is more physical space to use at any given time, meaning the waste company needs to perform fewer pickups. This saves time and money, often recouping the investment in this upgraded container.

The more often you currently order pickups, the more you may need a better solution. The best way to find the right path is to calculate the difference in rental costs and compare it with what you pay for more pickups at the moment.

Less Bulky Waste

The biggest benefit from Compactors comes to businesses which create a lot of bulky but malleable waste. This includes things like packaging, cardboard and plastic boxes, greenery, and paper goods. As these are compacted, they almost seem to disappear. If your dumpsters currently fill up and leave garbage peeking or spilling out over the top, this is a good solution to make that stop.

Better Mess Control

Compactor design provides an unexpected advantage over dumpster design. In order for the compaction process to work, compactors are generally sealed better than dumpsters. Businesses which generally have large, solid waste may not notice this difference, but others will.

Even if you don’t need as much overall size reduction, you can still benefit from this extra sealing of the container. It keeps in liquids, food waste, sludge, and even small debris that normally might catch the wind or get through cracks. The area is cleaner all around—above, below, and around the dumpster area. It looks better, is safer, and is more enjoyable to use.

Fewer Trespassers

Open dumpsters are sometimes a lure for trespassing. Outsiders might loiter around it, looking for anything of value to them. It might draw in others—including employees and customers—who want to dump their own things in your garbage container. And of course, wildlife, stray animals, and neighborhood pets may be attracted to the waste. They bring their own kinds of problems.

Trespassers like these not only put your business at risk and create messes, but they can also be liability issues for the company. Do you have concerns? If so, protect all aspects of your operation and your employees by sealing the garbage out of reach.

Reduced Smells

Depending on what you have to throw out, your dumpsters may or may not carry odors. Cardboard boxes and paper are unlikely to create much of an olfactory problem, and a dumpster could be a fine place to store them before disposal. But food waste, liquids, chemicals, and other things may cause an unpleasant or distracting odor.

The solution is usually either to call for more pickups or to seal it away in a compactor. Both are good options, but the compactor can take care of the problem with fewer interruptions.

Is a compactor the best choice for your business waste? Or should you use a reliable and simple dumpster instead? Find out by meeting with the waste experts at EnviroDispose. We provide a range of services for businesses and organizations of all sizes and types.