Dumpster Rental OKC

What Can You Throw in a Dumpster?

Winter will be here before you know it…  

So, now’s the perfect time to prepare for changing weather, holiday activities, and spending more time inside—and renting a dumpster is a great place to start. 

Most people think dumpster rentals are only for commercial projects—but that’s not the case. 

Roll-off dumpsters are often just as useful for decluttering your space, moving cleanouts, home renovations and much more.

Keep reading to learn more about residential dumpster rentals, and how they can help you tackle your next project this winter.

Packaging Removal

Between holiday gift-giving, decorations, and parties, households generate a lot of garbage during the winter. Without a way to dispose of all that waste effectively, it piles up. 

Food waste, gift wrap, cardboard boxes, and a host of other holiday waste can easily overwhelm your curbside trash cans. Add to that decluttering projects, or any home renovation projects you might be tackling, and a dumpster becomes a no-brainer.

Forget worrying about all that extra trash and debris—weekly dumpster rentals make winter waste removal affordable and easy. 

Winter Storm Cleanup

You never know when winter storms are going to blow through town—but when they do, you can expect quite a bit of damage. 

Heavy snowstorms can lead to broken roofing shingles, fences, toppled trees, and a mess of debris overall.  

Of course, when a sudden storm does damage to your property and it’s time to clean up, a curbside trash can just won’t cut it. That’s where dumpster rentals come in. 

A rental dumpster makes storm cleanup fast, efficient, and customizable to your needs.

 Holiday Tree Removal

If you decorate your home for the holidays, tree cleanup tends to be a hassle. 

While lights, ornaments and other decorations come down to be stored for next year, disposing of your real tree is usually a headache.  

We get it—there’s nothing like a real Christmas tree, but the last thing you want to worry about is getting rid of it after the holiday season is over.

So, why not make your life easier? With a rental dumpster, disposing of your tree (along with any other seasonal debris you can throw at it) is a breeze. 

Holiday Party Disposal

Holiday parties generate a lot of trash. That includes disposable dinnerware and cutlery, decorations, and food waste, as well as the packaging from holiday gift exchanges. 

If you plan to have several holiday parties this winter, now’s the time to schedule a dumpster delivery. 

Dumpsters make cleanup easy and efficient after your holiday parties. Plus, you’ll still have room for your weekly household waste. 

Home Renovation Projects

Winter is the perfect time to renovate your home. Winter renovation projects let you breathe new life into your home before you host your holiday parties. 

Tackle your renovation projects without a trip to the landfill—you can even keep the dumpster on-site for the rest of your holiday cleanup needs.  

With a rental dumpster from enviro-dispose, tackling your winter weekend project has never been easier. We’ll drop it off where you need it, when you need it, and pick it up as soon as you’re done. It’s that simple! 

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard This Winter

Make your party, project, or cleanout a breeze with dumpster rentals from Enviro-Dispose 

With winter rolling in, there’s no better time to rent a dumpster. Whether you’re tackling a renovation project, decluttering your space, or simply staying ahead of the curve on holiday waste disposal, EnviroDispose can help. 

It’s no accident that we’re Oklahoma City’s leading roll-off waste disposal company. To our team—providing affordable, customizable, customer-focused services comes naturally.  

So, why not get started today? For more information about renting a dumpster with EnviroDispose, call us today!