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Why Choose Dumpster Rentals Over Dumpster Bags?

You might see a bag-style dumpster on your local large-scale hardware shop while preparing a home renovation or cleanout. 

It’s easy to think that these bags are one-size-fits-all solution for home improvement projects—but appearances are often misleading.

In this case, you get what you pay for. And while they have their benefits, dumpster bags tend to be more of an overpriced hassle than a convenience. 

We’re here to tell you exactly why—continue reading to learn more about the pros and cons of dumpster bags.

The Problem with Dumpster Bags 

First and most importantly, dumpster bags are limited by how much waste they can hold. A typical bag can hold just 3 cubic yards. That makes them ideal for small renovation and cleanout projects, and not much else. 

If you find yourself needing more space, you can expect additional charges for exceeding the space/weight limitations of the dumpster bag.

Spillage is a regular issue with these bags as well. Without solid walls to trap waste, a windy day can lead to another mess to cleanup (and an expensive one, if the bag rips or breaks).

So, what’s the bottom line? 

Well, dumpster bags shine in specific situations (single-room cleanouts, renovations with limited waste, etc.). Still, it’s no accident that traditional dumpsters remain more popular…

Why are roll-off dumpsters better than dumpster bags?

When it comes to commercial or residential construction projects, demolition/cleanout work, roofing projects, and more, roll-off dumpsters are king—and there’s a good reason for that.

A 20-yard roll-off (our most popular dumpster option) provides enough versatility for all of the projects we just mentioned. 

Anyone who’s done a home remodeling project will tell you it’s better to have too much space than not enough. Even a 10-yard roll-off dumpster provides 3 times the capacity of a dumpster bag with a modest price difference. 

Remember what we said about “getting what you pay for?”

Well, with a roll-off, you get hassle-free waste disposal without worrying about the issues dumpster bags present. The best part is, the difference in price between a high-quality roll-off and a single-use dumpster bag is often negligible. 

Make Your Next Project Hassle-Free

Ditch the dumpster bags and get convenient waste removal with roll-off dumpsters from Enviro Dispose

For anything more than a single room cleanout or a small renovation project, roll-off dumpsters rentals are a no-brainer. 

Roll-offs are affordable, robust, versatile for a wide variety of projects, and better for the environment. Not to mention, they’re typically just as cost-effective as a dumpster bag. 

If you’re looking for a roll-off rental in the Oklahoma City area, you’re in the right place. 

We pride ourselves on fast, efficient, customer-oriented service.

So whether you’re tackling a commercial construction project or a home renovation, call us first. For more information and to order a roll-off dumpster today, click here!